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Updated: Mar 26

My Coast', a handmade book, was created as a final project for an Open College of the Arts course in Book Design. This book is a journey along the Bristol Channel from Aust Ferry and Avonmouth, down to Berrow Sands and Burnham on Sea.

This book highlights the features of what, to many would present itself as a generally unremarkeable stretch of England's coastline, but like with many things, you only need to scratch the surface to uncover points of interest.

The now totally dilapidated remains of the Aust Ferry terminal were immortalised on the famous cover of Dylan's 'No Direction Home' album and shows a refelective Dylan hours after the opening gig of the now infamous 'Judas Tour' at Bristol in May 1966, where his abandonent of his accoustic set to electric half-way through the concert was met with hostility and boos from the audience.

Almost sixty years earlier, further down the coast at Burnham-on-Sea, there was a very different kind of hostility being

displayed by Mother Nature with fierce gales threatening to claim the lives of the crew of the SS Nornen. It was the bravery of the crew of the local lifeboat that enabled the hapless crew members to be snatched from the vessel before it ran aground on the sands.

This sixteen-page book is made up of single-colour linocut imagery and passages of letterpress text, and is simple-stitched bound with separate hard front and back covers covered with old admiralty charts of the area described. ​ 12pt Gill Sans was chosen for the body text and 72pt Bold Grotesque for the titling.

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