A little Boke of Iford

A little Boke of Iford, is my own small tribute to Harold A. Peto, who in the early 20th century, created an Italianate Garden masterpiece in the grounds of the newly acquired Iford Manor, near Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Whilst working on this project, I managed to unearth a collection of photographs taken at the Peto Gardens, during a visit ten years before. I have always wanted to create something inspired by this visit, and my engagement with the process of drypoint printmaking gave me a great opportunity use this process to illustrate this booklet. ​ The text used to accompany the images is taken directly from Peto's work 'The Boke of Iford' written in 1917, in which Peto promotes the Italian garden style with its ability to successfully combine plants and architecture that makes it so satisfying to the eye.

​The text accompanying each image is letterpress printed with 12pt Bodoni Regular being used for the body text with Floriated Capitals, which together, further reflect the Italianate theme of this booklet.

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